Thursday, February 5, 2009

Video Adventures, Part 1

"West Fork Rapids
9x12, oil

"Camel Head, Backlit"
9x12, oil

One of the things I promised with Backpacker Painting is a companion DVD that would have both oil and pastel demonstrations. The final form of the DVD - or possibly even two DVDs - is yet to be determined, but I am in the process of shooting video for the project. Although Trina considers me a technical wizard, there are aspects of videography that go beyond knowing how to run the camera. And I find them challenging, indeed.

Some of these challenges include:
  • Wind. This is enough of an issue when you're painting with an umbrella to shade your palette, but even more so when you have a video camera set up within striking distance of the umbrella. One good gust and - wham!
  • Water noise. It's very pleasant to paint near a babbling brook, but the babbling wreaks havoc with sound levels. So do noisy hikers, air traffic and allergies.
  • Weight. The equipment required to shoot efficiently - extra tripod, external wireless mic, still DSLR for shooting high-res images - takes up another bag and another hand, and it's more parts to keep track of. Or, more parts to lose, depending on your viewpoint.
But, it's all fun and rewarding. Soon I hope to have a clip or two to post on my blog. In the meantime, above are two paintings I taped. Which would you rather see a demonstration of?

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