Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Glimpse of New Mexico

"View from Big Arsenic"
5x7, oil

This is our last day in Taos and also in New Mexico. Early tomorrow, we head out for a two-day trip to Chicago to visit family. I don't expect I'll have much time for painting, so I made sure today to paint one last 5x7.

Trina and I drove up to the Wild River Recreation Area near Questa. It seemed a paradoxical place, what with a really good paved road - unusual in rural New Mexico - going through it but no visitors. The WRRA occupies a narrow wedge of land between the Red River and the Rio Grande. At one point, you can actually hike down to the confluence of the two. Dramatic views abound!

We stopped at Big Arsenic campground, and I painted the view of the Rio Grande winding its way down to meet the Red River. I don't have much to say about this one, other than I wanted to do something quick. We had to get home to pack.

By the way, The Artist's Magazine is featuring my video demonstration of "Snowfield Sentinel" on its website. If you haven't seen this short demonstration yet, visit:


Sandra Nunes said...

Hi Michael,
Your new location is already pointed to in my newsreader.It is good that you were able to transfer all your archived old posts to the new one.I have a similar problem with my youtube account but there it is not possible to change. That´s really a lesson to be learned "always think professionally".
ps.You got me curious about the Wheezard...

Gwen Bell said...

Hi Michael,
Your work is stunningly beautiful! I scrolled through your entire blog and wanted to comment on each one because they are all so good but I'd be blogging all night.
Ok, I'm picking my jaw off the floor now, but I'll definitely be checking back in to see more.