Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special Sedona Workshops 2012/2013

I know it sounds like maybe I set my clock too far ahead when Daylight Savings Time kicked in this past weekend, but I need to plan out my workshop schedules a year or two in advance.  I'm already looking at workshops in 2014!  But this week, I've been fine-tuning my Paint Sedona workshops for the next, 2012/2013 winter season.  I've decided to set up some special workshop weeks for advanced painters.  They have different requirements than my usual "all level" and "advanced/mentoring" workshops.  Here they are, below.  For a full description and schedule, visit  I'm already getting signups for these small-size workshops.

Hiking to Paint:  We'll be going into some of the canyons and on some of the excellent Sedona trails.  You'll need to be prepared to hike, in some cases, up to a half-mile to our painting spot.

Large Format: I did this last year, and it worked out really well.  We'll be painting 16x20 or larger and returning to the same spot repeatedly to finish paintings.

Exploring Historic Verde Valley:  We'll focus on the historic communities of Jerome, Clarkdale and Cottonwood and their beautiful old buildings. Since this will be about architecture, you'll want to have your drawing skills up to snuff!  (Here's a photo of me painting in Jerome.  You can see the Spirit Room, which is in one of my favorite buildings.)

Advanced Design:  Rather than just jumping right into a painting, we'll be spending considerable time getting our compositions right.  But believe it or not, this will actually speed up the painting process!  You can expect some exercises in this workshop plus small initial studies followed by real paintings.

Advanced Color: For this one, we'll be looking for color schemes that will set a mood and enhance our painting.  Again, exercises and studies will lead us to our finished work.

I'm excited about these new workshops.  We'll have lots of fun in each one but also learn a lot, too.  In each of them, we'll go to beautiful locations rich in subject matter.

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