Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kickstarter Update: Third Batch of Paintings Posted

#16 - The Ice House

It's raining here on Campobello Island so it's a good time to scan and post the next seven paintings in this series.  This makes a total of 21 for my Kickstarter project, Fifty Paintings for the Roosevelt Campobello International Park's Fiftieth Anniversary.

Yesterday, I finished #25 - with a goal of 50, that means I'm halfway through the painting part of this project.  I feel like I'm hitting my stride now.  The paintings are never quick, but I find that I am making the right intuitive decisions.

For the piece above, I thought it'd be fun for you to see some of the steps involved.  I start each painting off with a 6x6 square of hardboard that has been sealed with PVA and then gessoed to give a nice, white background.  Next, I tone it with Indian Yellow, then block in the painting, and finally bring it up to a finish.

Starting off by toning with Indian Yellow and then sketching in
shapes with a pastel pencil

Block in with red.  I don't always start with such a strong color.

Almost done - see the top of the post for the finished painting.

Thanks again so much everyone for your support in this!  For those of you who haven't supported yet, only 28 of these 6x6 pieces are sold.  There will be plenty left for the rest of you!  You can see the finished paintings on my website.

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