Friday, April 20, 2007

New Hampshire Workshop

I'm on the road this week, teaching a workshop for New Hampshire Plein Air in Goffstown. Getting here was a bit tricky, considering that we had to drive 7 hours through a monster Nor'easter. "We only get storms like this once every 25 years," the weather forecasters were bragging. Fortunately, the storm was all rain along the coast.

Or unfortunately, depending on where you lived. Our route was passable with no closed roads, but we saw several houses that were deep in floodwaters. We took a detour to Perkins Cove along the coast of Maine; the storm tide had washed through the little village and flooded all the shops. Seaweed littered the parking lots. I took a photo of some of the raging waves that were beating against the area's famed "Marginal Way." (See below)

Our first day was a rainy one as the storm was hesitant to leave. Even the most dedicated plein air painters -- and this group is exactly that -- find it hard to paint in the rain. We made use of the Black Brook Gallery's fine studio space to work in. Some painted out the window; others painted from photographs.

Yesterday we painted around the grounds of the gallery. The rest of the week is predicted to be springtime gorgeous, and we've got some prime spots. Dunbarton, a quiet community of historic village buildings is today's destination. This is a group of experienced painters, and we're having a lot of fun. If I have a chance later this weekend (the workshop runs Wednesday through Sunday), I'll post more photos of us painting and maybe a painting or two of my own.

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