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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2016 Michael Chesley Johnson Calendar Now Available

UPDATE: Through Sunday, November 29, get 30% off print books and calendars with code TWOMOREDAYS. Monday, November 30, Save 25% on print books and calendars with code ONEMOREDAY.

As you may recall, I recently asked you to vote on images for my 2016 calendar.  Many of you did, and I thank you all.  The 2016 Michael Chesley Johnson calendar is now complete!  It contains many of the images that you voted for.

You can preview and buy the calendar here:

Also, I have a coupon code that will get your 30% off - but only through tomorrow, Thanksgiving.  The coupon code is TURKEY30.   And remember, you have many friends and family members who might enjoy this calendar, too.

Thanks again for your help, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm Making a Calendar and I Need Your Help!

40 paintings for the calendar!

About this time of year, I like to put together my calendar in time for the holidays.  It's always tough to decide what paintings to include.  So this year, I'm asking for help from my collectors, students and friends.

I've posted 40 images to my Google+ page.  Click on this link for my paintings.  When you get there, browse through the images and click "+1" one each of your favorites.  Do this until you've selected your top 13.  (This includes the cover as well as the 12 months.)

On Thanksgiving Day, I'll tally up the counts and make my calendar!  Thanks so much for your help.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Little Outing, With Otters

Along the Verde River

Now that I'm back in Arizona, I'm involved with my plein air painting group again.  It's great to get out with a few people in a scenic spot, set up and then see what happens.  Today, we went to a beautiful place along the Verde River.  Although some of the leaves had already fallen, there was still a good bit of fall color - with more to come.

River Otter Cruising

I spent some time taking photos before settling on a spot.  Along the way, I spied a river otter cruising the river.  There were a few others, but this is the only one I had my camera out for.  Below are some more photos.

After a crisp start (we had frost down at my house along Oak Creek) the day warmed up rapidly.  Those of us standing in shade complained about the cold, but those of us in full sun, like me, shed clothing as the morning progressed.

The River Otter's Playground
9x12 oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
Available - $500 incl frame and shipping in US

I ended up having to leave a little early because I needed to pick up a flat file for my pastel work.  I've been needing a flat file cabinet for years.  They are not cheap, but we got a good price on this one.  I'll post a photo once the rust is cleaned off and it is painted up.

By the way, if you are local to Sedona and the Verde Valley, I invite you to join out Meetup group.  We try to meet at least once a month, and we are always open to new members and new suggestions for painting spots.  Here's the link for it:

I also want to mention that I am offering a series of three Saturday pastel-only classes in January.  You can take one Saturday or all, since they are independent.  On January 9, we'll be covering Pastel Basics. On January 16, Color for the Pastel Painter. The final class on January 23 will introduce pastel painters to painting outdoors in Plein Air Pastel Basics.  Each class runs 9-2 and costs $70. Classes will be held in West Sedona.  Pre-registration required.  For details or to signup, email or visit

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Looking for a Few Good Students - Plein Air Painting in Sedona Workshops

Plein Air Painting Workshop in Sedona, Arizona, with Michael Chesley Johnson

Throughout my blog, I talk a good deal about my Paint Sedona plein air painting workshops. If you're looking for a winter getaway and some good painting locations, you might consider taking one of my workshops. Workshop are small - no more than four students. Also, we work from 9 to 1, which leaves you afternoons free for painting on your own or for enjoying Sedona's galleries, restaurants and fine hikes.

I have a couple of special workshops lined up, too.  In particular, I've got a special 3-day holiday workshop (December 28-30) that you might be interested in - and it's only $225.  Plus, if you live close to Sedona, I have a series of Saturday-only pastel-only workshops that cover a variety of topics, from Pastel Basics (studio-only) to Color Intensive in Pastels (studio-only) and Plein Air Basics in Pastel.  You can take one day, two days or all three days.  Cost is only $70/session.

 Here's a short video that shows you some of the places I've taken participants to in the past. If you'd like to learn more about any of these painting workshops, please visit

And please don't forget the Holiday Studio Sale

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Holiday Painting Sketch Sale

Looking for that perfect gift for yourself or a friend? Look no further!

Below are unframed small plein air sketches, both oil and pastel, from my Arizona studio inventory. Keep in mind that these are sketches. These were all done in the field from life, and if you are interested in the process of making art, you can see a good deal of my thinking in the marks made by brush and pastel. These are an education as well as beautiful pieces to frame and put on the wall.

Click on the image for a bigger picture. Please note that each painting is different with respect to size, medium and price. (For larger pieces, please visit my paintings page on this site.)

Includes shipping to the US and Canada! I'll mark items "sold" as they sell.

Spring Creek Rush II #684
9x9 pastel (no mat) - $100

Spring Creek Rush I #683
9x9 pastel (no mat) - $100

Autumn's Fire #9875
7x5 oil on panel  - SOLD

Butte Shadows #1286
5x7 oil on panel - SOLD

Cathedral Vista (Diptych, left side) #636
5x7 pastel (in 8x10 mat) - $70

Cathedral Vista (diptych, right side) #635
5x7 pastel (in 8x10 mat) - $70

Climbing to Steamboat Rock #880
8x10 oil on panel - $100

Cool Day # 1125
8x8 oil on panel  - SOLD

Courthouse Butte, Overcast #987
6x9 pastel (no mat) - $100

Distant Hues #922
3x10 oil/paper (no mat) - SOLD

Clouds over the Hills #1288
5x7 oil - SOLD

Shallow Water #1289
9x6 pastel (no mat) - $100

Greys I #909
8x10 oil on panel - $100

Greys II #910
8x10 oil on pape (no mat) - $100

Mountain Shadows #1285
5x7 oil on panel - SOLD

Red Mountain Snow #1210
8x10 pastel (no mat) - $100

Red Rock Autumn I #616
5x7 pastel (in 8x10 mat) - $70

Red Rock Autumn II #617
5x7 pastel (in 8x10 mat) - $70

Red Rocks Revisited #1225
8x10 oil on panel - $100

Slope # 1132
6x12 oil on panel - $100

Snow on Shiprock #953
6x12 oil on panel - SOLD

Taking the Long View #1147
6x12 oil on panel - SOLD

Sedona Panorama #1202
3x9 pastel (no mat) - $70

Sedona Clouds #761
6x9 pastel (no mat) - $100