Monday, April 13, 2009

Trip Update: Taos, New Mexico

After our week in Cloudcroft, we headed up to Taos on Saturday. Our luck hasn't been great with travel days. We ran into winter weather again, hitting snow as we passed just north of Interstate 40. Chicken that I am, I gave the steering wheel over to Trina.

We had more snow on Easter Sunday, which eventually turned to rain. After celebrating communion at St James Episcopal Church, I went out to walk the town and see what galleries were open. Not many!

Today, Monday, was a better day for galleries. There's a lot of good art in town. For a painter who's always looking for representation, that means there's also a lot of competition. I have one gallery interested in me, but getting in depends on my doing some paintings of the Taos area. Although I am painting this week, I'm just sketching.

We went out to the Rio Grande gorge this morning, and I did a quick little pastel. This has always been one of my favorite spots, and I'm glad I had a chance to paint it.

"Rio Grande Gorge"
5x7 pastel, en plein air

I spent a lot of time this afternoon taking photographs of old adobe buildings. I'll use these, along with color sketches in pastel and oil, to create studio paintings. I'll send images of these to my prospective Taos gallery.

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