Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring at the Swamp

"Glensevern in Spring"
8x10, en plein air - SOLD

I'm still busy prepping for the IAPS convention, but the weather was so painting-perfect today that I had to get out.  I headed for one of my favorite spots, a little low place in the Glensevern road where the lake and its attendant swamp creep right up to the edge.  Our island has seen quite a bit of rain lately, so the water is rather high.  I can't imagine what the road must have been like in FDR's day.  One probably needed a horse on stilts to get through!

You'll note that a lot of the paint is transparent.  I used a hardboard panel with three coats of Blick Master Gesso laid on.  It makes for a slippery surface, and you have to work at making the darks dark enough, because the brush easily scrapes down to the white surface.  It helps to put a dab of opaque Titanium White or Cadmium Yellow Deep in the darks to make them a bit more solid.  (One could also use a dark earth color.)


Don Bishop said...

I like this, has a transparent watercolor feel to it.

Sandra Nunes said...

Lovely colors, Michael!

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Thanks, everyone!