Friday, April 8, 2011

Two Pastels from Last Week

I thought I'd post a couple of the pastels I did in the last week or so.  The first one, "Banjo Bill Morning," was done about seven miles up Oak Creek Canyon, early in the day.  Although spring is quickening in Sedona - the mulberries are blooming - it's slow in coming further up the canyon.  You can still see some of the late-winter browns and yellows.  Still, there's a bit of green starting to show up in the water, thanks to the intense sun.

"Banjo Bill Morning" 9x12, pastel (sold)

The second one, "Mitten Ridge View," was painted at one of my favorite spots.  I've shared Schnebly Hill with many students and painters.  This is a somewhat different view, looking at Mitten Ridge over a small canyon.

"Mitten Ridge View" 12x18, pastel ($200, contact me)

This week, now that the workshops are done for a bit, I'm spending time in the studio getting re-organized.  Today I went through my pastel stock and refreshed my Heilman "backpack" box; poured the Gamsol out of the brush washer so I could scrape out and discard the mud at the bottom; and took an inventory of paint, panels and pastel paper.  I think I'm going to be in good shape.

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