Friday, August 5, 2011

Back in the Field - Plein Air Boats

"Limpid Light" 11x14, oil/alkyd

I went out today to Jackson's Wharf in Wilson's Beach to paint boats.  I wanted to have one more boat painting for my show at Sunbury Shores in St Andrews, which is being hung next week.  I knew that a painting made with traditional oils wouldn't be anywhere near dry by hanging day, so I pulled out the Gamblin FastMatte alkyds again.  Everyone is remarking on how much the paintings I make with the alkyds look like my pastels.  On a dry, sunny day - like today - the paints set quickly, letting me lay down lots of broken brush strokes and broken color.

The painting (above) will be dry by Sunday, when I have to box up all the paintings and head out on the ferry.


Doug Runyan said...

I never get to take a ferry to one of my art shows :(

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

You'll just have to come here and ride the ferry with us!

Nancy L. Vance said...

Hi Michael, I was using the FastMatt paints yesterday. Have you noticed some of the colors seem to have less pigment than the Gamblin traditional oils? I specifically recall that it seemed like the chromatic black and the yellow were more transparent in this formula. I really had use a lot to get enough into the mix. Your thoughts?

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Hi Nancy - I actually hadn't noticed that as a problem. I'll take a look next time I'm working with them. I may be using a different formulation, as I have some of the "beta" product.