Monday, October 3, 2011

Middlebury Studio School Workshop

This past weekend I taught a one-day oil-only plein air workshop at the Middlebury Studio School in Vermont.  Vermont has had a lot of rain, and it is still getting a lot of rain.  The school sits in the middle of town right next to Otter Creek Falls, where the water was rushing in a mad, muddy brown torrent.  Because of the rain, we stayed indoors, but the school has a huge window overlooking the falls, so we were able to set up and paint the falls from life.  (We were also able to use the downstairs of Edgewater Gallery next door, which has a similar window.)  Plein air painting doesn't get any better than that - no bugs, no wind, no rain, plenty of coffee, a bathroom and a great view.

We had such a good time and Middlebury is such a beautiful place that we've decided to do another workshop next fall.  This one, however, will run for two days and over the Columbus Day holiday weekend - Sunday and Monday, October 7 and 8, 2012.  It'll be for all media and all levels.  We'll also limit the workshop to only six participants.  Stay tuned and watch the Middlebury Studio School website for details - .  I bet this time we'll be able to get outside!

Now that the workshop is over, we are heading west again.  You'll certainly hear from me while I'm at the Sedona Plein Air Festival (, which runs October 21-29, and maybe even a little before.  Till then, wish us happy travels!


clarkola said...

Nice photo of the falls-Thanks for coming to Middlebury. Look forward to next year and some sunny days.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Too cool that you could stay inside and still paint the falls.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks, Kathy and Kimberly!