Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sedona Plein Air Festival - Day 3


Monday, as I mentioned in my last post, was a "free painting" day.  I chose to stay closer to home and visit one of my special spots.  It's along Spring Creek, and surprisingly, there's a good bit of early fall foliage.  The river willows have turned a beautiful yellow.

For the one above, I turned back to the painting knife.  Painting with the knife in a larger format - this one is 12x16 - always takes me longer, so it was good to work in a place away from people and other distractions.  The rushing of a waterfall behind me created a Zen-like space, and that made it all the more pleasurable.   You almost need that when painting with a knife because, for me, knifework consists of lots of little precise movements and very few large strokes.  I do start the painting with a brush, but once the initial block-in is complete, I turn immediately to the knife.

I also had some time to adjust the two paintings I did Sunday evening at my Cathedral Rock overlook.  Both of these were done rapidly because of the fast-changing evening light and had some rough edges that needed work.  I had fully intended to paint these with a knife, too, but because things were moving quickly, I didn't have time to make the switch.  Once you're on a fast boat in the rapids, you don't want to risk trying to get into a slower one.

Here they are.  Same scene, different light.  The small one (9x12) was done just minutes before sunset.



This evening at 7 pm, Kevin Macpherson will be giving a talk on his "Reflections on a Pond" exhibit, which is currently up at the Sedona Arts Center.   I admire his work a lot, and I'm looking forward to it.

Now it's time to head off to another location.  Today we have some beautiful clouds.


Anonymous said...

Good work.
Please give Lois a big smooch for me.

a fellow artist,
Henry Leonczyk, Massachusetts

Jo Castillo said...

Michael, the pieces in Sedona are lovely. Sounds like you are having fun. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Cindy Michaud said...

Lucky yoou...I do love the smaller one, looser and free-er. The knife is always a challenge.

Doug Runyan said...

Did you sell your " fixed" painting, at least?!!!

Adriana Meiss said...

Michel, The three paintings are beautiful, but that first one does it for me! Good luck!