Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Upcoming Workshops - Art Barn, Valparaiso, Indiana

 May 7-9, 2012: INDIANA, Valparaiso.  Price: $275 (incl. lunch) Contact:, 219-462-9009,

This will be my third time teaching at the Art Barn.  In case you've not been to the Art Barn, it really is a barn, and it's situated on nearly 70 acres in a beautiful, pastoral setting.   We'll have a pond, fields and groves of trees to paint.  I'm hoping the giant dogwood outside the barn is blooming again, as it was the last two Aprils.  This year, we may try a "chickens in the landscape" session.  One of our students last year discovered that if you feed them, they'll stay still long enough to paint.

This will be a workshop for all media, all levels.  (I'll be working in oil and pastel.)  We'll spend a little time in the studio each morning going over plein air basics, where I'll also go over my gear and materials.  Afterward, we'll head out into the field where I'll give a full demonstration.  During the demonstration, I'll show you how to capture the moment quickly and efficiently but without sacrificing mood and magic.    We'll talk about abstracting and simplifying the landscape; how to make the most use of value and color; and how to finish a painting.  Next, you'll get to paint!  I'll go from easel to easel offering help.  Time permitting, we'll do critiques at the end of the day or, if not, the following morning.

Valparaiso - or "Valpo," as the locals call it - it nearby with restaurants and galleries and a fascinating historic district.   I hope you'll join us!

(Click here if you'd like to see my full workshop schedule.) 

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