Saturday, February 18, 2012

Upcoming Workshops: Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

July-September, 2012: Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.  All levels, all  media, many weeks available.   Price:  $300.  Visit for details and to signup.

Painting at Liberty Point

I've been teaching plein air painting workshops on Campobello Island and across the border in Lubec, Maine, for five summers now.  (This will be my sixth.)  I love the area and never tire of showing students some of my favorite spots to paint.  Campobello is a small island, and one-third of it consists of parklands.  Between the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park and Herring Cove Provincial park, we have plenty to paint in the way of bold cliffs, quiet beaches, ponds and bogs, and meadows.  We also have historic buildings, lighthouses and several working waterfronts to pick from, too.

As with my Paint Sedona workshops, I limit the students to usually no more than 4.  I'll be working in oil or pastel, but students are welcome to work in whatever medium they wish.  Also, during the summer I schedule a couple of advanced/mentoring workshops for those who would like to learn the finer points of painting.  Each workshop begins in my home studio gallery and starts with a brief talk on plein air basics, after which we move out into the field to paint.  I'll demonstrate first, and then you'll get to paint with me working beside you and offering help.

Since the workshop runs from 9-1, you'll have your afternoons free to either paint on your own or explore.  Many students bring friends or family and enjoy a whale watch or hike in the afternoon, followed by a dinner of the day's catch at one of our restaurants.  Some just keep on painting - and that's fine, too, because I'll be happy to critique whatever you do the next morning.

By the way, Master Pastellist Doug Dawson will be teaching a workshop for me in Lubec, Maine, August 20-24.  I'll have more details on this in a future post.  Or, you can go to

For more on the area, visit and

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