Friday, October 12, 2012

Plein Air Workshop: Millheim, Pennsylvania - Day 3

Fickle fall weather drove us inside until late morning.  However, this gave us time in the studio to talk about some important issues.  I showed how easy it is to create a sense of distance and depth in a painting with a few, simple color adjustments.  We also talked about some business items for the professional painter - framing pastels, dealing with galleries and how to get your name out in the world.  I finished up the morning with an indoor pastel demonstration on how to paint trees.

The weather turned sunny at lunchtime, so we headed out to an abandoned railroad trestle spanning the Penn River.  The trestle has been incorporated into a trail - part of a local "rails to trails" project.  We had a few anglers join us; while we painted, they fished.  We had wonderful light effects to capture, and I think each of us enjoyed painting the radiant glimmer of water.  I did an intimate closeup in pastel of one of the trestle supports and the water beneath it.  We ended up the day with a "show and tell" in the studio to discuss our work.

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be the final day for the workshop, and it looks like we'll have excellent fall weather.

In the meantime, here are a few more photos from today.

Pastel tree demo (9x12) - Santa Fe comes to Millheim!

Atop the abandoned trestle

Trestle & Light Demo (9x12, pastel)

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