Saturday, October 13, 2012

Plein Air Workshop: Millheim, Pennsylvania - Day 4

Our final day in the workshop was a gorgeous one.  We started off with the valley's first hard frost of the season.  The frost made the fields of teasel, goldenrod, milkweed and asters even more lovely.  But needless to say, we first spent a little time in the studio to give the world a chance to warm up.  I demonstrated how I handle color harmony and dominance in a painting, and I explained my concept of "contrast pairs."  Also, the students asked a number of engaging questions that included how to get better at painting.  What makes the most difference, I explained, is practice!  I know we all hear that, but it's a fact.  I also gave some suggestions of books to read and painters, both living and gone, to study.

We enjoyed Chicory Lane Farm so much the other day that we decided to return today.  The Farm's many acres have so many opportunities for the plein air painter.  Some of the students chose to focus on barn buildings, others on the natural scenery.  I don't get to paint buildings very often, so I chose to illustrate how to do a 30-minute "quick study" while also illustrating architecture and color temperature concepts.  (That's a lot to cover in 30 minutes!)  The barn is an interesting design, and I think my sketch would be worth exploring in a larger format some day.

After an afternoon at Chicory Lane, we headed back to the studio for the final "show and tell" and goodbyes.

I enjoyed teaching a workshop so much in this location that I'm hoping to come back in the not-too-distant future.  Thank you, Karl and Green Drake Gallery, for a great week!

Below are some photos from our last day.  By the way, Karl painted an impromptu portrait of me in the field, which I now own.  I've included it among the images.

Trina and I now are off on the next leg of our trip.  My next report will be from Blue Ridge, Georgia, where I am teaching a plein air workshop for the Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association.

MCJ Study - 8x6, oil - by Karl Eric Leitzel

6x8 oil  barn study by MCJ

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