Friday, January 2, 2015

Ringing in the New Year with Snow

Ceci n'est pas une peinture
Photograph, pulled through a couple of Picasa filters

We don't often get snow in Sedona, but we got plenty of it starting New Year's Eve and into the New Year.  I measured about 4" at our house, and I'm sure it was more in Sedona proper.  Trina and I took several long walks along Oak and Spring Creeks with our cameras.  Trina says she took 150 snapshots on one walk.

Since the storm left, cold air has settled in.  The mercury bottomed out at 17 degrees this morning, and although it's warmed up to above freezing, the snow is slow to leave us.  I'd love to get out and paint it—and maybe I will tomorrow.  But today, I spent some time in the studio, trying to recreate that feeling of moist, snow-filled air along the creek on our walk.

Spring Creek Freshet 11x14 oil

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