Monday, May 18, 2015

Pastel Artists Canada Paintout

Along Bronte Creek

After my whirlwind trip to the Pacific Northwest,  I pushed to get to Ontario in time for a paintout with Pastel Artists Canada.  Sometimes, the life of a plein air painter can be as hectic as a rock star's.  I only wish I had a big touring coach like Willie Nelson's.

Springtime was in full swing by the time I got to Lowville.   We had a lovely location along Bronte Creek with apple trees blooming and salmon jumping.  For two days, we painted beautiful trees along the creek.  Most amazing were the cedars with their massive, ancient, twisting trunks.  Lowville Park, where the painout was held, was at one time a farm, and I could tell that the land had been well-managed over the years.  The creek itself was, of course, beautiful, with two bridges crossing over its wide rapids.

We had iffy weather the first day of this two-day event, but the second day was absolutely gorgeous.  The weather was good enough that we were able to paint outdoors both days without having to retreat to the studio.  (Always make sure you have a back-up studio in the event of bad weather!)  We enjoyed lunch in the shade of our picnic pavilion, and ended each day with critiques.  I want to thank Pastel Artists Canada and my hosts Rosemary and John for making the visit a successful and pleasant one.

Fallen Cedar 9x12 pastel
by Michael Chesley Johnson - Available!

Cedar Soldier 7x5 pastel
by Michael Chesley Johnson - Available!

Creekside Cedar 12x9 pastel
by Michael Chesley Johnson - Available!

Lowville Pine 12x9 pastel
by Michael Chesley Johnson - Sold

The participants hailed from mostly Ontario, but also from New York.  All were pastel painters, and most had some plein air experience.  It's always fun to work in one medium for an event and to share my approach to plein air painting with those who are new to the sport.

Now are in Vermont visiting family, a welcome respite.  In a couple of days, we will be back on Campobello Island again, where I will have a few weeks before my workshops there begin.  In the meantime, I'll be putting together a new book, the nature of which will soon be revealed.

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