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November 2020 Newsletter

"Village Poplars"
8x10 casein on board - Available
I've been playing with painting in casein lately.  More
on that in a future post.

November, 2019 
Ramah, New Mexico 

As the time to write another newsletter approached, I found myself scratching my head and wondering: How should I begin? 

Like many of you, Trina and I have spent the bulk of 2020 dealing with issues that should never trouble a citizen of an enlightened and developed country. Yet, I've decided to emphasize the positive. I'm not putting my head in the sand—believe me, with three close family members working in hospitals and extremely elderly parents, I'm acutely aware of current events. But again, like many of you, I think being positive may do more good. This year, I've had: 
  • More time to spend with family and to create good memories
  • More time to focus on painting for myself and growing as an artist
  • More time to focus on writing projects that help me understand the world and my place in it
  • More time to spend reading books on my wish list and learning
  • And more time to take long walks to refresh my spirit among the pines and oaks

In many ways, it has been a wonderful year—and I'm optimistic that 2021 will be even better. 

My last newsletter was in June. Since then, I've been in two exhibitions (many shows went virtual this year and were only online): In August, the Pastel Society of New Mexico Signature Members' Exhibition; in September, the American Impressionist Society Online Exhibition; and now in November, the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico National Annual Exhibition. I've interviewed several artists for Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal and The Artists Magazine. I've been working on my series of Pandemic Sketchbooks, which consist of 5x8 gouache sketches, painted en plein air on daily hikes into the canyon behind the studio. Also, Trina and I have been traveling locally in our Pleasureway camper van, giving me a chance to paint in places I normally wouldn't get to. And finally, although I had to cancel all my workshops and retreats for 2020, I've been hosting private, one-on-one critiques and mentoring sessions via Zoom. 

Now that you're all caught up on the news, here are some things coming up. 

50% Holiday Sale 

Through December 31st, I'm offering 50% off of any painting and any number of paintings from my website. To make shipping easier, these will all be unframed (even if the description says they are framed.) I'll include free shipping to the lower 48 states; if you need them shipped elsewhere, I'll bill you for shipping. Also, keep in mind that most of my Maine and Canadian Maritimes paintings are trapped at my Canadian studio; I won't be able to ship those until Canada lets US visitors in again. Southwestern paintings, however, I can ship with no problem. Use the coupon code “Holiday50” on checkout for the discount. 

2021 Calendar 

Every year, I put together a calendar of some of my favorite works from the year. This year, the price on the calendar is only $10.99. You can get yours here: 

New Book! 

Yes, I have a new book to work on! It will be released in 2022 by a major publisher. As excited as I am about this project, which will consume most of the winter, I can't say anything about it yet.   (But it will be a book worth having in your plein air painting library!)

Plein Air Convention & Expo 

I will be at the May 2021 Plein Air Convention and Expo in Denver. If you remember, the 2020 PACE was originally scheduled for May in Denver, but because of the pandemic, it was rescheduled for Santa Fe in August, which didn't fit my schedule. So, the 2021 PACE will be in Denver, and I'll be there (if this one isn't also cancelled!) Details will be announced at


Zoom Critiques. One-on-one, private sessions to help you in your craft. You send me images of two paintings, I run them through my Photoshop mill to make them better, and then we talk about them as I go through them step-by-step. Also mentoring available. $25 for one two paintings and a 40-minute session. Details at 

Sedona, Arizona. All-Level Plein Air Painting Workshop, April 6-9, 2021.  Spring is beautiful in Sedona, and we should catch some spring greens against the red rocks and along Oak Creek. If you're looking for inexpensive lodging, the studio offers two rooms at $75/night. (There's plenty of lodging elsewhere, though.) Only $300. For full details, visit 

Ramah, New Mexico. Private Plein Air Painting Intensive Program, Spring and Fall 2021. If you are an experienced painter and want to reach the next level in your craft, consider this program. I'll customize it just for you. Only $1400, which includes lodging and meals. (A tuition-only version for $700 is also available.) For full details, visit  

Lubec, Maine. July 27-30 & August 3-6, 2021. All-Level Plein Air Painting Landscape Workshops. Summertime is the time to paint the ocean, and in this workshop, we'll paint bold cliffs, crashing waves, lighthouses, historic harbors—everything Downeast Maine might conjure up in your mind. And, yes, lobster! $300. Details at 

If you're unable to join me for one of these workshops and would like to fine-tune your plein air painting skills, check out my courses at I offer online, self-study, self-paced courses, and at this web site you can get my monthly discount codes for them. 

Painting Retreats 

What's a painting retreat? It's a gathering of like-minded artists who want to spend some serious time painting and enjoying the camaraderie of others. As the organizer, I offer critiques of work painted; invite participants to treat whatever I paint as a demonstration; and serve as location guide and on-site consultant. Trina and I have been doing these for several years now, and we love it. 

Lubec, Maine. August 8-13, 2021. Stay at the beautifully-renovated US Coast Guard campus on West Quoddy Head, very close to the lighthouse, and paint bold cliffs, cobble beaches, tamarack bogs, historic fishing villages and boats. And yes, there is lobster! Download the detail sheet here. 

Taos, New Mexico. September 26-October 1, 2021. Besides a wealth of stunning scenery including the Rio Grande Gorge and Taos Mountain, the town has a long history with painters. As part of the retreat, we'll also arrange to tour the Nicolai Fechin House, the Mabel Dodge Luhan house, and other historic artist studios. Optional painting at Ghost Ranch before or after the retreat. Meals and lodging not included. $300.   Contact me for this.

Isle of Skye, Scotland. June 11-18, 2022. We did this retreat in 2018 and had a great time, working with a local artist guide to visit some spectacular locations. We’re very excited to do it again! Very limited size. Painters only, due to limitations in facilities. Currently filled, but contact me to be put on “interested” list.

That's all for now!

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