Thursday, July 26, 2007

Plein Air Fundy Paintout - Day 4

It's now Thursday, and our little painting event is gathering steam. I stayed home yesterday to watch the gallery, but meanwhile, I sat out in the wildflower garden to paint. Lately, the fireweed has sprung up and bloomed, and I love the way the colours glow against the darks of the fir tree. The image below doesn't do the painting justice, as I can't quite get the deep magentas of the fireweed to show well in the digital photo. So, imagine them deeper, richer!

"Fir & Fireweed," 8x10, oil
(click for larger image)
This morning, I went out to Liberty Point. It was a welcome trip, as it's a hot day, and Liberty Point is guaranteed to be much cooler than inner parts of Campobello Island -- the Point juts way out into the cold waters of the Grand Manan Channel. It was 24 Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) when I left the house, and all of 18 C (64 F) at the Point!

The fog was really thick right off the high cliffs by the water's edge. In the background you can see Sugar Loaf Rock, just a flat, grey presence in the fog; and in the foreground, the grasses and closer rocks, brilliantly lit from the sun.

"Bright Grasses, Fog," 9x12, oil

Friday is expected to be just as warm. (Interested in seeing what the weather is at the moment on Campobello? Visit my weather station.)

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