Sunday, March 8, 2009

Without Frames

This winter, I'm trying to do as little framing as possible with the hope of selling my oils and pastels unframed. When you're on the road and traveling light, frames are a hassle. One of the problems I've discovered though, is that unlike oils, pastels are hard to display this way. With oil-on-panel, I can just put the paintings on a table and prop them up against the wall. I don't yet have a good system for displaying pastels on paper. Most of what I've done is stacked under glassine in my "leaf press" pastel painting carrier, hidden to the world.

Because of this, I've been reluctant to do as much work in pastel as I should. I did two small pieces last week, though, that I just fell in love with because of the color. I'm sharing them with you below.

I have a variety of ideas of how to display unframed pastels - velcro tabs on the back, matting without glass or frame, and so on. (I do have several 5x7s matted and in "clear bags.") I'd be interested in your suggestions.

"Sail Rock Shadows II"
5x7 pastel

"Above the Trees"
5x7 pastel

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