Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Return to Small

After painting that BIG canvas last week, and now with a new group of students in for this week, I've returned to a smaller size for my demonstrations. Yesterday we went out to Schnebly Hill where I did a 5x7 sketch in oil.

I wanted to focus on color temperature relationships. As you can see, I wasn't so interested in "grounding" the composition. Normally, a landscape would have something closer and perhaps darker at the bottom to anchor it. Here, I'm treating the landscape as more of an abstraction. I indicate depth by the use of warmer colors. In particular, note the sunlit greens. In the far distance, I used Gamblin's Radiant Green, straight out of the tube. It's a rich but cool blue-green. I used the same green, but with the addition of a bit of Cadmium Yellow Light, for the sunlit area beneath the rock that is rim-lighted.

"Rimlight Sketch"
5x7, oil

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