Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greys II

The rain just keeps coming. We had a dry moment yesterday, so I went out to paint the lupines. They've been particularly gorgeous this year (no doubt because of all the rain), but they're beginning to age. Down at the bottom of the driveway there's a particularly nice patch. It's next to a building with a porch, so in the event of a shower, I'd be able to reach shelter quickly.

I've missed painting the large pieces I did this winter, so I toted a 16x20 stretched canvas out to my spot. First, though, I prepped it in the studio with a wash of burnt sienna; I needed some warmth to offset all the cool colors I knew I'd be putting in. Nearly all the colors I used were greyed to some extent. I saved my richest, brightest colors for the lupines and the grasses. Back in the studio, they weren't quite bright enough, so I pulled out my secret weapons: Grumbacher's Permanent Rose and Gamblin's Radiant Green. I added a little white to the Permanent Rose to lighten it but used Radiant Green straight out of the tube. The beauty is all in the contrast of grey and rich color.

"Friar's Head & Lupines"
16x20, oil, en plein air

Here is a detail shot of the lupines:

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