Thursday, December 30, 2010

Small Study for the Big One

Schnebly Hill Study, 8x10, oil

We're at the tail end of a snowstorm that socked Flagstaff in overnight.  We didn't get much down here along Oak Creek and in Sedona, but today we're getting wind and snow squalls.  I've painted in snow squalls before, and it's a challenge, sifting through the sleet on your palette to mix paint!

I thought I show you the little study I did up on Schnebly Hill a couple of weeks ago.  As you recall, I went out repeatedly to the site with the 24x30 canvas, but one day I went out to do an 8x10 in which I focused on the line between light and shadow.  I was trying to determine exactly how bright the sunlit trees were in relation to the shadowed hills.

Although the color temperature is somewhat different from the finished piece, you can see how useful it was to go back out into the field to collect additional information.  It's a good trick - I mean, why drag out that big piece back up the hill yet again?

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Jo Castillo said...

Very nice. Great way to check out your light. Heard about the snow today. We are so dry here in Texas. Too bad we can't share.