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Friday, December 3, 2010

More Large-Format Oil

We had beautiful weather again yesterday - it hit nearly 70 by mid-afternoon - so I went out again at the same time to work on my big Munds Mountain painting. I didn't show you my setup, so here it is.

I'm using a Beauport easel, translated from the Chinese per Dan Corey's instructions so it works properly. On the crossbars is an Artwork Essentials EasyL "Classic." The 12x16 "Classic" not only serves as a big palette for the easel, but it's also a good pochade box when used with a tripod. What I like about it in this case is that the lid also serves as a sunshade. A bungee cord keeps it securely in place. By the way, I found that the peg holes in the Beauport legs are excellent brush holders - just watch out for them when you bend over! (In the second photo you can see a #12 flat jutting out.)

I spent another two hours on the piece. I continued to make adjustments in value and temperature relationships and tried to improve the foreground patterning so it makes a better lead-in for the eye. I finished by adding a few foreground details in the way of a couple of dead snags and some bunch grasses. I held back doing more because I wasn't sure where to go next. Today, it's in the studio, and now that we have some clouds moving in, I'll spend some time indoors pondering it before making my next move. That's what I love about these multi-session plein air pieces - you don't have to rush.

Munds Mountain - 24x20, Work-in-Progress, Stage 2

In case you missed my announcement, I've been invited to lead a New Zealand workshop March 7-14, 2012. (That's 16 months from now.) Cost is about $2500, not including air fare. The price includes accomodations, most meals and transportation to painting spots. We'll also have land and sea sightseeing trips plus some great dining! I need 16-20 people. If you're interested, e-mail me at