Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oil Painting Demonstration in Mesa, Arizona - and a Visit to Scottsdale

Trina and I drove down to Mesa, Arizona, yesterday to give an oil painting demonstration for Spectral Artists.  Spectral Artists is a well-organized group, and we really enjoyed spending time with them.  For my demonstration, I painted a Sedona scene from a photo in a 12x16 format and talked about my process.  Not many of the group had ever indulged in plein air painting, so I also did a bit of proselytizing for this time-honored practice.

Afterward, we drove up to Scottsdale to check out the galleries.  I haven't been to Scottsdale in a few years, and to be honest, I don't think Scottsdale is as good a gallery town as I had remembered.  There used to be more representational landscapes;  now I'm seeing more decorative, contemporary pieces in galleries that were once solidly "fine art."  However, we did find a few favorites that include:

The Legacy Gallery, where we were pleased to see work by Michael Stack, Jay Moore, Dan Gerhartz, Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel;

Gallery Russia, where we saw many, many fine examples of Russian impressionism and realism from artists both living and deceased;

Trailside Gallery, where we saw a great sampling of work by Matt Smith and some nice pieces by Curt Walters; and finally,

Amery Bohling Gallery, which was a very pleasant surprise indeed.   This is an artist-owned working studio gallery, and we got to meet Amery herself, busy at work on a mid-size painting of the Grand Canyon.  Amery said she's been open only two months, but she's in a good spot.   I can't think of any other studio gallery right on Scottsdale's Main Street.


Phoenix AZ Painters said...

Nice painting and good collection too.I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Chuck Derouen said...

Very nice post! There's always some fun stuff going on in Mesa, especially downtown by the art center. Wish I could have made the class!