Monday, July 9, 2012

Buildings in the Landscape - Exhibition at Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre

"Mr Roosevelt's House" 12x24, oil

This week, I'm getting together paintings for my one-man exhibition at Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre.  The theme for the show is "Buildings in the Landscape."  Although I paint the natural landscape, I love painting buildings, too.  The older and more rickety, the better!  All of the paintings will feature buildings, but in some of them, the presence of man's hand will be subtle.  I plan to include one painting where I challenge you to find the building in it.

We'll have an opening reception, too.  The reception will be Friday, July 20th, from 5-7 pm Atlantic Time at Sunbury Shores, 139 Water Street, St Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.  I hope you'll all come!  I plan to arrive by boat with friends, direct from Campobello Island.  I'm looking forward to both the boat ride and the show.

The show will run from July 20-August 14th.  If you can't make the reception, I hope you'll be able to stop in.  I've included here a few of the paintings you can see.

During the last week of the exhibition, I'll be teaching a four-day course in St Andrews.  It will be "Plein Air Sketch to Studio."  In this workshop, we'll spend half the day in the field gathering reference material and the other half in the studio creating paintings from this material.  The workshop is for all levels and all media.  Cost is $295 ($275 for members) + HST.  Contact Sunbury Shores to register:,, 506-529-3386

"Early Morning Fog" 9x12, oil

"Rainy Day Barns" 9x12, pastel


Amy Mann said...

These are beautiful, Michael! And they hold meaning for me, since I spent several summers at Sunbury Shores taking Sharon Yates' workshops. I wish I could get up there to see the show, but I can't (I'm in Virginia, and have never gotten around to getting a passport!) I wish I could take your plein-air to studio workshop. :-( If you're interested, take a look at paintings I did while staying in St. Andrews I'd love to hear what you think.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks, Amy! And that's some beautiful work you did with Sharon!

sam walton said...

Good description about Building survey.Thanks for sharing.

Daniela said...

I love the Rainy Day Barns pastel! Wow! I have learn more about paying attention to colors and choosing them astutely, from your blog than anywhere else, because your concept of a double primary palette makes so much sense. I have just been reading about lightfastness in oils, there is an ASTM (US) standard that compares with a British system called the Blue Woolscale. All this interest on my part because I was given a whole lot of student grade paints that appear to have high ratings. I am inclined to distrust student grade cheaper paint as having the same lightfastness as higher grade paint. Also, another brand - Maimieri Classico brand paint has a beautiful buttery consistency and color, and claims to be professional quality paint. Do you have any experience of this brand?

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks, Daniela! Student grades use the same pigments (except for ones marked "hue") but have more filler and less pigment. So, the lightfastness is probably the same, but you just have to use more paint in your mixtures. I've not used Maimieri. Good luck!