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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Book Available - Paintings of the American Southwest

I'm proud to announce that my book, Through a Painter's Brush:  The American Southwest - Painting in the Four Corners States, is now available as a paperback and also as a PDF download.

I've been at work on this book for the last year.  As with my previous Through a Painter's Brush book (A Year on Campobello Island), I wanted a volume that would be not just a coffee table book or a "how to paint" book.  I wanted a book that would be both a visual treat for the collector and an informational guide for the painter interested in the Southwest landscape.  It's hard to pack all that into one book, and that's why it took so long!  But I'm very happy with the results, and I think you will be, too.

Through a Painter's Brush: The American Southwest features over 100 paintings, 50 photos and illustrations, plus two painting demonstrations.   I've broken the book up into sections by subject - water, canyons, mountains and so on.  Each section is filled with essays on the paintings and the landscape they were created in.  Collectors will enjoy reading the stories behind the paintings.  And for the painter, I talk about my process and how I went about painting them.  Many of the paintings were done en plein air, but I've included several studio pieces as well.

The book is available through  The paperback version is $40 and the download, $20.  If you'd like to preview or order the book, follow the links below.

Through a Painter's Brush: The American Southwest ( $40 paperback)

Through a Painter's Brush: The American Southwest ($20 download Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF)

This is your chance to see the Southwest through my eyes.  I've really enjoyed traveling in and painting that part of the United States.  The beauty of the landscape can change your life - it did mine.

By the way, I still have room in my Paint Campobello workshops and am now taking deposits for my 2012/2013 Paint Sedona workshops.  Visit and for details or to register.


Bperkins said...

I just placed my order!

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Most excellent, Brad!

Miles Morgan said...

I found this blog so great!-painting Mississauga on-

canvas prints said...

check this book oout, i think it will be a hit

Ida Glazier said...

Beautiful cover on the book. Love your work in the Southwest, you must be proud of your accomplishments! Its wonderful.