Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Recent Pastel Sketches

Friar's Head, Morning.  Pastel sketch, 9x12. (Homemade paper, yellow ochre tint.) 

I've been working in pastel a lot these last couple of weeks.  Some readers have asked to see more pastels, so I thought I'd share a few of these.

You'll note that I appear to be using two different surfaces.  This is true!  Although I have been using Wallis sanded paper for several years, lately I'm falling in love with a homemade surface.  I'm using a recipe from my friend Doug Dawson that uses etching paper as a substrate and two coats of pumiced gesso that has been tinted with acrylic paint.  I'm not sure if Doug sands down the brush marks that remain after applying the gesso, but I don't.  I like the texture, which gives a more painterly quality to the final piece.  (Doug will be in the area next week - August 20-25 - leading a mentoring workshop in Lubec, Maine.  We still have a space left, so let me know right away if you're interested!)

By the way, I've had a request for more "pastel only" workshops.  With that in mind, I've designated a week in Sedona for intermediate to advanced painters that is only pastel.  It is the week of March 12-15, 2013.  If you'd like more details on the Paint Sedona program, please visit

Barrier Beach in Fog, pastel sketch, 5x7 (Wallis Belgian Mist paper)

Raccoon Beach Bluff, pastel sketch, 5x12 (Wallis White paper)

Foggy Field, pastel sketch, 9x12 (homemade paper, yellow ochre tint)

View from North Road Wharf, pastel sketch, 9x12 (homemade paper, yellow ochre tint)

Beach Rose Hedge and Birch, pastel sketch, 6x7 (Wallis Belgian Mist paper)

Waterlilies, pastel sketch, 9x12 (homemade paper, yellow ochre tint)


GeorgeCVaughan said...

Thank you for the post. Pastel's ROCK! Going to order myself a Heilman backpacker. -GV

Antti Rautiola said...

Beautiful works! I love this "Beach Rose Hedge and Birch".