Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doug Dawson Mentoring Plein Air Painting Workshop Report

I've just finished up a very intense, five-day mentoring workshop with master painter Doug Dawson.  Every couple of years, Doug comes to Lubec, Maine, to run a workshop for advanced painters eager to learn the finer points of painting.  I always serve as location scout and coordinator, but in the past, I've had other tasks on my plate and wasn't able to spend as much time as I'd hoped with the group.  This year, though, I blocked out time so I could dedicate myself to the week.

And what a week it was!  We had beautiful, sunny weather and one day of fog.  Doug, who hails from Denver, rarely sees fog but loves to paint it.  He made sure we took advantage of that opportunity.  We also painted buildings, swamps, boats - the full range of maritime scenery.

I'll post a few photos below of the workshop and one of my paintings.

Now I've got to get busy packing for a trip.  I'm one of 26 artists from across the US and Canada who have been invited to participate in the third annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  This premiere plein air event runs September 8-16 with plenty of chances to see the painters at work.   I'll be there with painters like P.A. Nisbet, Larry Moore and Gregory Hull.  The event culminates with an opening ceremony for the show, which will run until November 25.  If you're going to be in Grand Canyon during the paintout week, let me know!  You can also check with the Grand Canyon Association at any time during the week to find out where I'll be painting.

I'll post updates as I prepare for the trip and, of course, daily during the event.

Finally, here are some shots from the Doug Dawson workshop.

Doug showing useful advanced features of the camera

Doug's field palette

Demonstration by Doug

Doug painting fog

Lighthouse View, 11x14, oil - Michael Chesley Johnson

West Quoddy Head View, 9x12, oil - Michael Chesley Johnson


Bob Ragland said...

Thanks for posting your great data. Doug Dawson is the coolest.

Stephanie Berry said...

Love the work you did. We visited that area a couple years ago--it's a hidden treasure of Maine.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks, Stephanie! You'll have to visit us next time. Thanks, Bob!