Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video: Mounting Paper or Canvas to Board

Several posts ago, I described my approach for mounting paper or unstretched canvas to board.  The idea is that, to save weight and space when travelling, you can paint on gessoed paper or canvas that is taped or pinned to a backboard.   Then, once you are home, you can either archive these paintings in a box (a sweater box slid under the bed and left there for posterity is ideal!) or, if you really love a piece, you can mount it and then frame it.

I thought it would be helpful to shoot a video of this method.  Here it is.

- Michael Chesley Johnson


Carolyn Thompson said...

Thanks! That is really good to know - I may do this someday...

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

It's a simple process, Carolyn. Give it a try!

poynter studio said...

great informative video Micheal.
Any tips on carrying/packing those flexible primed sheets of Oil on Canvas/Paper?
I know you use the Art Cocoons on location - I guess a bit of double sided tape would hold the loose sheet to a temporary board for transport.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks! As for carrying them, you can either tape them to board and put them in a carrier such as Handy Porter, or you can stack them with waxed paper between them.

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