Friday, November 9, 2012

Hiking to Paint: Plein Air Workshop Wrap-up

This week marks the first of several special topic plein air painting workshops I am hosting this winter.  "Hiking to Paint" was intended for the student who isn't content to just paint out of the back of the car.  As I get older, I do find that a parking lot offers many excellent and satisfactory views.  But there really is something special about hiking in a half-mile or so.  I suppose one might say it is also more sporting.  It's the difference between bagging a deer from the edge of the highway and tracking one down across miles of woodland.

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This week, we had it all.  Intense sun and unseasonable warmth early on, and then, this last day, wind and intermittent but heavy rain showers.  We ended up finishing today in the studio.

Here are some photos from the week, plus two of my paintings.  Now, we are off to Carmel, California.  I'm looking forward to painting Monterey pines and crashing waves!

Cool light on a distant formation (9x12, oil)

Warm light on a closer formation, 9x12, oil


Unknown said...

Stunning work! I'm about to embark on my own trip to the Grand Canyon and your recent pieces will stand as an inspiration :)

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Thank you, Leighton! Enjoy the Canyon.