Monday, June 9, 2014

Kickstarter Update: Fourth Batch of Paintings Posted

24 - Farm Feeder Boat (Off Friar's Head)

It's hard to believe we are drawing near to mid-June and the longest day of the year.  Yes, I know, the summer solstice is still eleven days away, but time is passing quickly.  The apple trees have bloomed and will soon be only a memory; the lilacs will bloom any day now, and on their heels, the lupines.  Although I've been working on my paintings in the studio, this week I did take a break and went out.  I painted a 6x6 of the apple blossoms.  I'd like to do more of these, but there is much more time involved in painting outdoors, what with the gear, finding the right location and so on - and I do have a deadline!  Maybe lilacs and lupines will be my next subjects.

Here's the apple blossom painting:

I've scanned in the fourth group of seven paintings - making a total of 28 - which you can see on my web page:

By the way, the frames I've ordered have arrived.  They are custom frames, and beautifully done.  The dark barnwood really shows off these little paintings.  Here's one in its frame:

13 - Liberty Point Rock

I have news about the exhibition.  The paintings will be exhibited at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park's new restaurant, The Fireside, from July 19 until August 16.  The Fireside is in the old Lupine Lodge, a historic set of buildings that was donated to the RCIP by the Herring Cove Provincial Park.  Many bemoaned the loss of the Lupine Lodge when it closed several years ago, so it's great to have this building revitalized and serving the public again.  (However, they aren't offering lodging at this time.)  I'll post more details about the exhibit later.

Again, I want to thank all my supporters.  And for those of you who haven't supported yet, only 28 of these 6x6 pieces are sold.  There will be plenty left for the rest of you!  You can see the finished paintings on my website.

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