Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kickstarter Update: Hanging of the Fifty

Another milestone was reached today, and that was the hanging of the fifty paintings. If you've been following my blog or Kickstarter updates, this is for my "Fifty Paintings for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park" project.

It's always a good feeling when you get the exhibit hung. Even though this was a relatively easy one - standard sizes, all square - still, it was fifty paintings! Actually, there are fifty-two, including one extra 6x6 plus my 12x24 showpiece, "Mr Roosevelt's Cottage."

The paintings look really good on the wall, and I am so happy they do. If you'd like to see the exhibit, it's at The Fireside, the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park's new restaurant. Exhibit hours are the same as the restaurant's open hours, and the exhibit will be up until August 16. Here's a link to the restaurant's Facebook page so you can get hours and directions:

Tomorrow, I'll be giving a free plein air painting demonstration at the restaurant's front lawn from 2-3 Atlantic Time. I hope you'll join me for that and also stop in for lunch and see the show.

After that, the project takes a rest until the paintings come down August 16. Then we begin the awesome task of shipping the paintings. I'll have more details on that later.

For those of you who supported me in this celebration of the Park's anniversary, thank you! There are still a very few paintings available, and you can see them at

PS Next week I'm off to Castine, Maine, for the second annual Castine Plein Air Festival! Stay tuned!

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