Friday, October 17, 2014

Sedona Plein Air Festival: Pre-Game

Me painting at the 2012 Sedona Plein Air Festival
(Photo:  Carl Judson)

After a long haul of over 3600 miles and nearly three weeks, we have made it to Arizona.  It's great to be able to sleep in my own bed now.  But there's no time to rest - the Sedona Plein Air Festival begins tomorrow!

After a two-year sabbatical, I am back at the Festival for my seventh time.  As one of 30 artists invited from across the country, I feel honored to be in the company of some of the top plein air painters.  Plus, every year the Festival just gets better and better.  This time, in addition to the traditional paintout on Main Street and the "Day in Jerome," we'll be painting at some of the area's vineyards and wineries.  In fact, the theme for 2014 is "Art & Wine."  Who needs to go to France to paint a vineyard?  We have plenty of excellent ones here.

In addition, artists are being asked to "prime the pump," as it were, by bringing six plein air pieces to hang in the galleries tomorrow so folks will have some representative pieces to look at during the week.  The Festival has invited the artists to bring work from their home locales.  I've opted to bring a selection of pieces from Campobello Island, Maine and Arizona.  These paintings will also be available for sale.  Here is one you can see (and buy!):

"Apple Tree & Fir" 16x20, oil/canvas

I spent today re-organizing the painting gear (always important after 3600 miles!) and getting my panels ready to stamp.  This year, I will be working in two media - pastel and oil - so my lists are a little longer and I have to be a little more meticulous in making sure I have everything I need.  Here's the studio at the moment:

Tomorrow, in addition to hanging our plein air paintings, orientation and canvas- (or paper-) stamping, all the artists will be painting on Main Street from 1-4 pm.  At 4 pm, awards will be given out by Gamblin Artist Colors and Guerrilla Painter, Inc., two of the event's long-time sponsors.  From 5-7 pm, the galleries of the Sedona Arts Center will be open for the public to view the paintings we brought from our home areas.  For a full schedule of Tenth Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival, please visit

I hope to see everyone during the Festival!

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