Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sedona Plein Air Festival: Merit Award and Endgame

Award of Merit:  Canyon Light
11x18, pastel

Friday was the last day of painting, followed by a rehanging of walls before that evening's reception.  I wanted to get one little painting in before heading over to the galleries, so I took my gear down to Spring Creek, where the early morning sun was creating some beautiful, warm reflections in the otherwise shadowed creek.

Fluid Fall, 6x8 oil

After a break, I drove into town to rehang my walls.  For judging, we were permitted only two paintings in the main gallery.  In the second gallery, we were allowed to hang as many as we wanted, but the work had to be from our week.  Other pieces, painted elsewhere at other times, had to be removed.

I drove home, showered, ate lunch, picked up Trina and then drove back into town in time to vote for the Artists' Choice award.  At 4, the invited patrons began to filter in, and at 5, the doors opened to the general public.  Awards were announced at 6.

I was very pleased to win one of four Awards of Merit given out by artist Jim McVicker.  This was for my pastel, Canyon Light.  (The only other award he gave was Best of Show; there was no First, Second or Third Place award.)  After seeing his presentation the other night and learning about his 40-year journey as a painter, I came to respect and admire him a great deal, and so this award means a lot to me.

I spoke to him afterward, and he said, "I just kept coming back to this painting again and again.  When looking at it, I really felt like I was there."

Today, Saturday, artists will again be at the Sedona Arts Center from 10-3.  If you haven't bought an award-winning painting yet, this is your chance!

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