Saturday, January 3, 2015

More New Year's Snow Painting

Yesterday I painted the snow from our recent New Year's Eve storm from a photo in the studio; today I went out with my gear to catch what has not melted. The difference between these two sessions is as follows.

For yesterday's painting, I wanted to recapture the sense of moist, snow-filled air.  It wasn't practical to take my gear out in the storm (though I have done that), so I stayed in the studio.  The camera couldn't get the subtle colors and values, but it was a good memory tool for me.

For today's painting, I wanted to avoid the camera altogether.  The color in my oil study (below) is far more accurate than what my camera would have seen.

I'll take this one back to the studio and work up a larger studio piece from it in the near future.

By the Bridge. 12x9 oil, plein air.
The snow will probably be gone in another day or so.  I won't be sad to find the days warming up a little!

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