Saturday, June 13, 2015

Where in the World is Plein Air – Wrap-up

Well, it's been a fun three days!  I really enjoyed going out each day and painting in the "Where In The World Is Plein Air?" event.  Each day was a little different with respect to location, scenery and weather.   If you've been watching the videos and viewing my paintings, you'll have seen three very beautiful locations in this region.  If you've not been here before, I encourage you to visit.

By the way, the paintings are all for sale.  At the top of this post, you can see all three paintings, framed.  Below are the three paintings for you to view in a larger format.  You can see the videos and purchase the paintings at this link:  Next week, I will ship these paintings off to the Illume Gallery of Fine Art in St George, Utah, for a month-long exhibition.

I guess the only sad thing with this event is that I believe each of us – 100 painters in all – were out there in solitary spots, away from all the other painters, working away.  Usually with a plein air event, there's a certain amount of friendship that gets created when you paint side-by-side.  I always enjoy making new friends and reconnecting with old ones at the events.  On the other hand, now I have 900 video clips to watch!  (Each painter painted three days and uploaded three clips each day.)  I'm looking forward to finding a rainy day, or maybe several, to spend some time surfing.

Now I'm off to other projects.  The proof of my new book is on its way, and I hope to have more news about this for you soon.  But even though that's nearly done, it's still going to be a busy summer.  I have several magazine articles to write, another plein air festival to attend (in person), a nearly-full workshop season to teach, a joint US-Canada exhibition to coordinate, plus some exciting painting projects.  I'll keep you posted.

Low Tide, 9x12 oil

Land's End, 12x9 oil - SOLD

Incoming Weather, 9x12 oil

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