Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paintings Delivered to Symbiosis Fine Art

My gallery in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, has been very good at selling my work this summer, so today I'm delivering four more paintings to it.  Here they are:

Flood Tide at Dawn, 12x16 oil/canvas by Michael Chesley Johnson

July 9x12 oil/panel by Michael Chesley Johnson

June Noon 9x12 oil/panel by Michael Chesley Johnson

Water Street 12x9 oil/panel by Michael Chesley Johnson

I'm delighted to be in this gallery as the artwork is very well-presented and the owner, an artist himself, truly understands the business.  Also, Saint Andrews is a delightful seaside resort, and I love going there so I can poke around the shops and photograph (and even paint!) the historic homes.

Symbiosis Fine Art is located at 157-B Water Street, right next to Honeybeans Coffee.  Also for sale is beautifully-crafted jewelry by Matt Watkins of Earthforge Design, paintings by Cedar Sky, soda-and-lime glassworks by Jamie-Lynn Gardner and fine art photography by Jorgen Klausen.  Here is the website:  http://www.symbiosisfineart.com/  I hope you'll stop in!

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