Friday, April 6, 2018

Looking for a Cool Place to Live? Historic Campobello Island Home.

1867 Cape on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

Trina and I have enjoyed living on Campobello Island for nearly 14 years now.  I can't describe to you how peaceful and beautiful this Canadian oceanfront property is.  The nearly four acres, with raspberries and blackberries and a dozen or so apple trees, offers views of Friar's Bay and Eastport, Maine.  Great horned owls have made their home in the tall spruces, and eagles fly over the grove of quaking aspen that line the bottom of the property.  When I walk our trail system that we have cut on our land, I am grateful for this haven.

Lupines in bloom

Lots of apple trees

Your own beach with beach roses and a great view - and perfect for meditative strolls!
The home itself is a historic Cape-style house, built in 1867.  We've come to know the families that built the house and lived in it over the last 150 years.  They're still around, in the village of Welshpool, which we can easily walk to.   Cozy and comfortable, the house served me as an art gallery for ten years.  I'd like to think that another artist might want to live there and do the same.  Although the house is on the main road, it's far enough away that the house is quiet, and set back enough that the sugar maples and horse chestnut trees make it very private.

Lots of trees

Established gardens

Our resident Great Horned Owls

What else do I love about this location?  I can walk from our beach—which we own down to high tide—to the dock where the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt tied up his sailboat during the summers he spent on the island.  It's less than a mile from our house.  I've sat on Franklin's dock in the evenings to watch the whales go by in the deep water channel between Campobello and Eastport.  The Roosevelt cottage, which is just a short hike up from the dock, is the centerpiece of the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park.  As a hiker and painter, I've come to love the Park's 3000 acres for its quiet beauty.  The trails also connect with those of the Herring Cove Provincial Park, making for a true wonderland for the painter.

For many reasons, it has come time for Trina and me to part with this property.  (We will not, however, leave the island, since we have family next door, and that is where we will be.)  The property is very reasonably priced for oceanfront; you won't find a price like this anywhere on coastal Maine or New Brunswick for a property like this.  If you are interested, please visit, where you can find all the details plus many photos.

By the way, for 25% down, we will do owner-financing for 15 years.  You can enjoy the good life!

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