Sunday, November 11, 2018

Last Week's Painting Intensive

Rock Cliff Study, 6x9 oil

We just finished up a fantastic week with near-perfect weather at this last one-on-one painting intensive.  My student, who is from the far northern part of New Mexico, worked with me on painting rock faces and cliffs, and tried to nail down good value observations while modeling rock forms.  (You can see one of the demonstrations I did on value here.)  Mornings started off a bit cool, but by the time we got to our location, things always warmed up nicely.  I think both of us got a lot of value out of the week!

By the way, this is my last one-on-one painting intensive week until next spring; if you are an outdoor painter with some experience and are interested in joining me for this unique program customized to your needs, please take a look at

Now I'm off to Sedona, to teach an all-level plein air painting workshop.  (And if you are more of a beginner at outdoor painting and wish to join me in an all-level workshop, I'll be teaching in Sedona one last time April 2-5, 2019.  Details are also at

Below I offer some of the pieces from the intensive.  All are available for sale.

Rock modeling exercise, 6x9 oil

Simplifying shadows demo, 6x9 oil

More modeling of rock cliffs, 6x9 oil

More cliff shadows, 9x12 oil

Cliff Shadows, 12x9 oil (see earlier post)

Backlit tree demo, 9x12 oil

Expanse of rock wall demo, 12x9 oil

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artistinthewild said...

A great week was had by all!