Sunday, November 25, 2018

More 1980 Oil Colors by Gamblin

Overrun 12x14 Oil - Available (includes frame, shipping to lower 48 states)

I wanted to create a companion piece to "The River in Autumn," which I featured in my last post, using Gamblin's 1980 Oil Colors.  I had two nice matching gold frames, and I thought it'd be nice to use the same color palette in a second painting.  With that in mind, I created "Overrun."

First, I put "The River in Autumn" in a frame and created some design sketches.  I also pulled out some pastel sketches I'd made of a similar scene, from which I planned to pull some details as well as color notes:

I found myself especially enjoying the following mixtures:
Yellow ochre + phthalo green (a deep cool green for shadows)
Yellow ochre + ivory black (a deep warm green for sunlit areas)
Ultramarine blue + ivory black (a dulled-down blue for reflections)
and if I wanted an even lighter, warmer and richer note in the water:
Yellow ochre + cadmium yellow light

Here is the first painting again:

The River in Autumn 12x14 oil - Available - (includes frame, shipping to lower 48 states)

And now,  here is how they look together, framed:

Separately, the paintings are $1200 each (includes frame, shipping to the lower 48 states).  But I would like to keep them together as a pair, since they share color palettes and theme.  I'd sell them as a pair for $2000.  Let me know if you can give this nice pair a good home!

I had a great time painting these variations on a theme.  Now I am off on family business for a week, and then I will be back for the winter to paint, write and play with Raku the Firecloud Rez Dog.

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