Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pushing Yourself

Unless I'm teaching a workshop or on a painting holiday, I rarely paint more than one piece a day -- and that's whether it's a 3-hour painting or one that takes only 30 minutes. Sometimes, my reason is that I like to spend "quality time" with each piece. I want to savor the experience, meditate on the painting as it sits on my viewing mantle, and then ruminate on the possibility that it might need an adjusting brush stroke or two. More than likely, though, my reason is that the business of being an artist calls for my attention. There's always e-mail filling up the hopper, phone calls to return, brushes that need to be cleaned.

Yesterday, though, it was such a warm and gorgeous day that I decided to push myself. We drove over to Friar's Head, where I caught the last scraps of snow retreating across the meadow and into the trees, and then I walked down into our own field to paint the evening light on the blackberry canes. (By the way, I don't think it's the last of the snow. They're calling for another Nor'easter for tomorrow!)

"January Thaw"
oil, 5x7, en plein air

"Path to the Yellow House"
oil, 5x7, en plein air

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