Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Different Kind of Day

"Cockscomb Mountain"
9x4, pastel

The sunny skies we've been enjoying this week suddenly gave way yesterday to clouds, and this morning, to drizzle and flurries. The mountains play hide-and-seek in the clouds that wrap the valley in mystery.

Of course, the lack of sun dramatically changes the colors in this land of warm colors. The blazing hot reds have changed to subtle, cooler red-violets; distant greens are bathed in blues and purples; and even the yellow patches of earth at your feet take on a cooler cast. If your goal in Sedona is to paint HOT, you won't find it today. Instead, you'll want to bridle your expectation and instead use the time to observe the color changes carefully and to hone your skills in mixing them.

The pastel above doesn't have a lot of detail in it, but I took care in trying to observe and mix accurately.

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