Sunday, September 8, 2013

2014 Calendar Now Available

2014 Calendar Now Available! - $21 + shipping

Every  year about this time, I put together a calendar with images of paintings created during the previous twelve months.  It's a labor of love.  Since I use a print-on-demand publisher (, the cost is already high, so I make very little money off of it.  Instead, I am pleased to offer the calendar to collectors, students and others interested in my work who want something beautiful to look at every month of the year.

I also create it as a way to mark what is, for me, the end of the year.  I am finished with summer workshops and after a trip to Nova Scotia for a painting retreat next week, we very shortly will be making our annual migration west.  We'll be traveling nearly a month - and then the plein air painting workshops start up again in Sedona.

The calendar, which includes seasonal oil and pastel paintings of the American Southwest, Downeast Maine and the Canadian Maritimes, is $21 plus shipping.  You can order it here and also see a preview.  I  know it's still 108 days to Christmas, but you early shoppers will want to start now!

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