Saturday, January 18, 2014

Small Grand Canyon Painting Series

As a sort of warm-up for my Kickstarter project (follow this link to see what it's all about), I am painting a series of small (6x6) paintings of Grand Canyon.  These paintings will be for sale at Grand Canyon starting in March.  As one of the 26 invited artists for this September's Grand Canyon "Celebration of Art," the Grand Canyon Association has asked me to paint these small pieces for their store.

As many of you know, I'm no stranger to painting small pieces.  I've done lots of 5x7s in my day.  These new pieces are only 1 square inch bigger.  But it's not the size that's the issue here, it's the proportions.  Painting to a square format creates design challenges.  I'm finding it to be a fun task.

They are all 6x6, all-on-panel.  They'll be nicely framed when I deliver them.

I mentioned my Kickstarter project at the beginning of this post.  The funding period continues until February 15. I hope you'll support me in this project, as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of my favorite painting place, the Rooosevelt-Campobello International Park.

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