Monday, February 17, 2014

Help Me Pick a Painting - Results!

Update:  The results are in!  With 105 votes, the results were:

A - 31%
B - 20%
C - 47%

Thank you everyone for participating.  I have another painting or two up my sleeve, and as I still have another month before making my final selection, you may very well see another poll coming up.


As part of September's "Celebration of Art" plein air festival at Grand Canyon National Park, artists are asked to include a studio painting in the exhibition.  Now, if you've done plein air painting before, you know that sometimes things don't go as you would like.  Over the years, my batting average has improved, but I still have my share of "off" days!  So it's nice to have the opportunity to include a painting created in the controlled environment of the studio that showcases the height of one's artistic ability.

I have created three pieces to choose from, and although I have my own ideas about which one I like best, I would like to hear which one you think should go into the show.  You can vote in the poll on the right.  (Those of you receiving this blog via e-mail or a newsreader will need to go to the actual blog post.)

Here are the paintings, in no particular order, and without titles, which might tease your poetic sensibilities.  And thank you!

A - 16x20, oil/panel

B - 16x20, oil/panel

C - 12x24, oil/panel

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