Monday, March 3, 2014

How Do You Find Out About Plein Air Painting Workshops?

Recent Plein Air Painting Workshop in Sedona, Arizona

I love surveys.  I'm a data monkey.  There's nothing I'd rather do than spend hours sifting through data, collecting, collating, creating tables, noting trends.

Not really.  Surveys can be fun, but only to a point.  The few I create are intended to help me figure out this business of art.  One topic that I'm finding particularly timely these days is - Where do people find out about plein air workshops?

As much as I'm on the Internet, I'm a magazine lover.  Rather than sifting through data, I'd rather spend an hour a night (or more) leafing through my favorite art magazines.  Workshop ads always catch my eye.  Do they catch yours, too?

If you take plein air painting workshops, I'm curious to know how you find out about them.  It'll only take a couple of moments to fill out this three-question survey.  I appreciate your time!  And I promise I'll announce the results in a future post.

By the way, I have a deal.  I will give you $50 off my March18-21 plein air workshop.  It's usually $300, but you'll pay only $250!  To sign up, go to, and when you make your deposit, just write in the "note" field that you want the $50 off deal to remind me.  I only have 3 spots left.  Thank you!

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