Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Exhibition Space for Artists - Google Open Gallery

Recently, I was invited by Google to be a test user of Google Open Gallery.  (Along with probably a million other people!)  Google has taken its Cultural Institute platform, which it's been using to present high-resolution images of museum collections, and tweaked it for individual artists to use.  I  decided to upload the fifty images of my "Fifty Paintings" Kickstarter project.  Here is a link to my site:

I found the interface extremely easy to use, and although the system permits uploading images that are up to 50 megabytes big, I chose to upload much smaller ones.  I don't know anything about the download capabilities of the system - that is, can a Chinese sweatshop download my high-resolution images and then set about mass-producing paintings based on them? - but it would bear investigating if you are concerned about copyright.  I've had a few people look at my site, and they seem to find it a pleasure to use.  You can also really zoom in on the images to see the fine brushwork.

If you would, please take a look.  I'm eager to hear your thoughts.  Here's that link

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