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Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Paintings for Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon National Park

I've just delivered ten paintings to the gallery at the historic Kolb Studio at Grand Canyon National Park.  As you may recall, the exhibition from the September "Celebration of Art" (the Grand Canyon Plein Air Festival) will run until mid-February.  The artists who were invited are asked to supplement work as it sells.  Since a lot of my paintings from the event have sold, I painted a short series of small paintings on a dusk/dawn theme.

If you're interested in any of the paintings, please contact Robb Seftar, Gallery Manager, at 928-638-2771 or  As a reminder, the exhibition is a fund raiser to support a new art museum at the Park's South Rim.  And yes! They will ship.

Here is the dusk/dawn series:

Dawn's First Light 6"x8" oil - $200 framed

Journey's Start 6"x8" oil - $200 framed

Last Light 6"x8" oil - $200 framed

Mysterious Canyon  6"x8" oil - $200 framed

Shadowed River  6"x8" oil - $200 framed

The Hinterlands  6"x8" oil - $200 framed

And here are some more pieces that went up with the little ones:

Moran Point 12"x24" oil - $1200 framed
This painting was featured in The Artist's Magazine September 2013 issue

Last Night's Storm 9"x12" oil - $600 framed

Cool Day 6"x6" oil - $200 framed
Temple 6"x8" oil - $200 framed
(I based this studio piece on the larger 9x12 plein air piece above, "Last Night's Storm")